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Adsorption and Hydrogenation of CO2 on Rh Nanosized Crystals: Demonstration of the Role of Interfacet Oxygen Spillover and Comparative Studies with O2, N2O, and CO 2017
Fe0.88Cr0.12 and Fe0.85Cr0.15 alloys exposed to air at 870 K studied by TMS, CEMS and XPS 2018
Nanoscale Imaging of Subsurface Oxygen Formation on Rhodium Catalysts 2017
Field Emission Microscopy to Study the Catalytic Reactivity of Binary Alloys at the Nanoscale 2017
CO-induced photoemission structures of the Co/Pt/Ru(0001) interface 2016
An investigation of thin Zr films on 6H-SiC(0001) and GaN(0001) surfaces by XPS, LEED, and STM 2016
An investigation of the corrosion of polycrystalline iron by XPS, TMS and CEMS 2016
Thin Pb films on the Si(111)-√7x√3-In reconstructed surfaces 2015
XPS and AFM studies of surface chemistry and morphology of In2O3 ultrathin films deposited by rheotaxial growth and vacuum oxidation after air exposure 2015
Study of CuO admixtures as antiwear additive in Machine Grease-2 2014
Low coverage Si(1 1 1)√7 ×√3–In reconstruction: Deposition rate effect 2014
Oxidation and surface segregation of chromium in Fe–Cr alloys studied by Mössbauer and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 2014
Growth of thin zirconium and zirconium oxides films on the n-GaN(0 0 0 1) surface studied by XPS and LEED. 2014
Low temperature adsorption of CO on modified, vicinal Cu(100)surfaces: A comparative study. 2014
"run-T plots" as a proposal for graphical presentation of surface reactions 2013
Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 2012
Adsorption of NO on potassium-modified Cu (100) vicinal surfaces 2013
Work Function of Vicinal Copper Surfaces 2013
Changes of morphology of tungsten microsized monocrystal induced by Pt submonolayer 2013
Motion of in-channel dimers on W(112): A DFT study 2013
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